Saturday, March 5

Rodarte + Autolux

Tonight was amazing! Jenn and I met up with Tarek and Aasim at the Pacific Design Center to see Rodarte: States of Matter. I'm a huge fan of Rodarte, and tonight's event showcased the original pieces that the Rodarte sisters designed for Black Swan. Unfortunately, the line to get into the exhibit was too long, and Jenn and I had to leave early to make it to the Autolux concert at the Echo. However, we did get to meet one half of the designer duo, Kate. Here are photos from the night (excuse the blurriness!)

Jenn and I were being interviewed by the man who runs
I honestly haven't checked out his website yet, but hopefully it's as cool as it sounds. I've met him in my previous life, so it was funny running into him again.

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